Why long-term investments to generate impact?

Our Venture Capital funds (Vox Impact Investing I and II) invest in startups with exponential growth potential that, as its core business, aim to improve access to basic services such as education, health and financial services - all contributing to reduce social inequalities. These startups, in order to reach both their expected financial return and impact potential, need time to responsibly develop and mature their business.

Even though it is the 9th largest economy in the world,

Brazil occupies the 9th place in the ranking of countries with the greatest social inequality.


of students finish high school without basic math knowledge.


of the population lives on less than 9 USD per day.


of the population does not have access to health insurance.


of the population does not have a bank account.

Source: DIEESE, 2019 & CDE Plan 2018


Our investment thesis

For VOX Capital, the positive social impact of our investments is as important as the financial return they yield. We know that investment decision-making goes beyond the notions of risk and return, and externalities are always prone to society. To invest in an organization means that we are actively working for it to exist in the future and gain relevance. Consciously or not, every company generates an impact on society in the search for results, whether it is a negative or positive impact.

Our investment thesis seeks to identify real social problems faced by the Brazilian low-income population, which can be tackled through innovative business models.

We are looking for companies that work with innovative solutions directly or indirectly in the education, health and financial services sectors, and that contribute to the reduction of social inequalities among the highest income classes and classes C, D and E in Brazil. Our portfolio companies work especially with the 64% of the Brazilian population that have a family income below 868 USD per month, which is the necessary minimum to access what the minimum wage
seeks to cover.