What is the intention of our initiatives and what is the cause and effect relationship to get there?


What we want

Develop attractive financial solutions in which the flow of money generates abundance, equity and positive socio-environmental transformations


What we do

Investors recognize the prosperity their money generates for society
People experience better living conditions
Investors have financial return
Businesses generate prosperous and scalable financial results
Entrepreneurs increase their capacity to inspire and engage other agents of transformation
Protection, restoration and promotion of the sustainable use of natural resources
More people create / strengthen the market in which capital flows seek to solve socio-environmental problems
People are inspired to propose new solutions to the problems they recognize in the world


Immediate product result

Investors are aware of the end use of the invested resource
The population has wide access to services and essential products for the development of their human potential and well-being
Entrepreneurs with enhanced management capacity
More people know real problems in society and the alternatives that are being created to solve them


What the company does

Investors access and invest for the purpose of impact
Offering financial instruments to investors
Businesses that solve real socio-environmental problems are strengthened
Capital contribution in socio-environmental businesses
Entrepreneurs have the financial resources
Support for the management of socio-environmental businesses
Network articulation and content generation
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