Why do we exist?

We believe that money plays a central role in building our society and should be allocated with the intention of having a positive impact.

We also believe that the world is improving and financial institutions have to evolve their role to improve it for everyone.

To develop attractive financial solutions where money generates abundance, equity and positive socio-environmental transformations.


To develop attractive financial solutions

Solutions aimed at both the impact result and the competitive return of the investor.


where money


The conscious flow of money, considering the cycle of where it comes from, where it is invested and its impact



The abundance of resources is a state of balance, where nothing is short or over concentrated, making it possible for everyone to be free to create and share experiences.



Equal opportunity and respect for differences.

and positive socio-environmental transformations
Initiatives that provoke the constructive evolution of the human being, his/her relationship with others and with the environment.


People invest with VOX

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Venture Capital



VOX invests in businesses that operate on different impact themes

Diversity and Inclusion

Development of Human Potential

Maximizing the Quality of Life

and Well-Being

Financial Inclusion

Planet Protection

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The invested companies' products and services have a direct and indirect impact on people and the planet

We want to strengthen the impact investing business ecosystem and inspire more people to be part of this transformation

VOX Capital actively contributed to the evolution of the impact field. Several initiatives and actions have been taken in this direction.

“Metrics in Practice” Group

We are part of the leadership group aimed at articulating and supporting intermediary organizations with the agenda for measuring impact of the work carried out with social businesses. The group brings together people from around 15 organizations, providing contact and the exchange of experiences among different actors within the impact ecosystem

Alliance for impact investing and business

This initiative was set up in 2014, with the purpose of strengthening the impact investing and businesses ecosystem in Brazil, mainly through two strategies: (1) production and dissemination of content, and (2) articulation with strategic actors. The local initiative is part of a multinational effort, led by the GSG (Global Steering Group). Vox Capital has been a member of the Alliance Committee since its inception, in 2014.

ABVCAP + Aspen
Impact Investing Working Group

We made the initial move to create the group and we are part of its leadership, seeking to help increase the collaboration between fund managers interested in impact and, through joint work, to advance main agendas for these actors in the field.

ABVCAP Mission Inside PE / VC in Brazil 2019 

As part of the annual meeting of the Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), Vox Capital participated in the debate promoted by the ABVCAP with institutional investors, Venture Capital and Private Equity managers, large banks and representatives of the Brazilian government, offering an audience of foreign investors a prospect of the scenario of reforms in Brazil and which sectors should experience greater growth. Our participation in the Growth, Returns and Risk/Rewards panel brought financial inclusion to the spotlight, from the perspective of fintech growth in Brazil, presenting the success case of Celcoin. To find out more, click the event's agenda here.

Conversas de Impacto
“Conversas de Impacto” (Impact Talks)

To promote the knowledge that circulates within the network of the main players of the impact investing ecosystem, we have created the “Conversas de Impacto” (Impact Talks). Initially, these talks took place through face-to-face rounds, but in order to reach more people, it has evolved into a podcast, where we invite leaders from the Venture Capital, Impact Management, and Financial Market ecosystems, who share their knowledge on the current status of the ecosystem and their visions for the future. Today we already have 10 episodes online, which you can listen to on the main streaming platforms.

Fórum de Investimentos e Negócios de Impacto
Impact Business and Investment Forum

Along with other partners, Vox Capital has co-held the Forum biennially since 2014. The Forum is the largest meeting on the topic in Brazil. In 2018, it attracted an audience of more than 1,500 people and 70 speakers. In 2020, the Forum will be company-held with the ICE (Corporate Citizenship Institute) and the Impact Hub.

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Investor Forum 2019

The GIIN Investor Forum is the largest gathering of impact investors around the globe. In 2019, the forum was held in Amsterdam and brought together more than 1,200 impact investing professionals from six continents. The forum provided new connections, sharing of ideas about new strategies, knowledge about the latest developments in the industry, and ways to drive continued market growth. In this edition, we were invited to share our experience in the “Financial and Impact Goal Setting by Investors" panel. Vox's participation, as speakers and sharing the experience of being the first impact investment fund in Brazil, brought important visibility to Brazil's impact ecosystem. Want to learn more? Click here to see the main lessons from the GIIN Investor Forum 2019.

Financial Innovation Laboratory

The Financial Innovation Laboratory (LAB) it is a multi-sectoral interaction forum, created by the Brazilian Association of Law and Economics (ABDE), the IDB, and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), with the objective of creating innovative financing solutions to meet the Brazilian goals associated with the Sustainable Development Goals - SDG (Agenda 2030). We actively participate in the equity crowdfunding subgroup, part of the financial instruments and impact investing working group.

Said Business School + Oxford
Oxford Impact Investing Programme (OIIP)

We have been regularly invited to talk about impact investing in emerging markets, from the manager's perspective, since the second edition of the program, in 2013. The OIIP is one of the main executive impact investing programmes in the world, developed by the Saïd Business School, at the University of Oxford. Course participants are typically managers of development agencies and major European banks interested in furthering their impact investing practice. Click here to learn more about this program.

Acknowledged as a key player on the market

IA 50

8 consecutive years selected by ImpactAssets 50


Member of the Global Executive Committee


Leader of the impact investing working group of the Brazilian Association of PE & Venture Capital

Harvard Kennedy School

Business case:
"Vox Capital: Pioneers of impact investment in Brazil"

Said Business School
University of Oxford

Guest lecturer in the Impact Investment Executive Program since 2013


Member of the Brazilian NAB Council


Strategic partner and contributing author


as Best Sustainable Investment in Latin America in 2014

BFTW 2019

Recognized as Best for the World in the Customers and Changemakers categories