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We see impact as a lens that should be applied to all investments

For us, looking only at financial risk and return is incomplete and corresponds to a limited view. Like a 2D view. When we include impact, we expand our view. We begin to realize the effect that money, resulting from a particular investment, have on people's lives and on the planet. We start to see in 3D.

Financial inclusion



credit granted



people with access to financial services



micro-entrepreneurs with increased income

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The approach that considers the three dimensions (risk, return and impact) highlights the choices we make in relation to the world we want to build. The question we need to ask is: what is the intention behind this investment?

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2. In addition to having impact theses, we also use impact management best practices so that this defined intention is supervised and carried out.

3. In order to manage impact with the necessary rigor and diligence, we built the ImpactMeter, a management tool that identifies what stage our portfolio companies are in, considering both the level of accuracy in impact measurement and the level of business maturity.  

1. To help us make better investment decisions, each fund managed by Vox has a specific but complementary impact thesis, contributing to the achievement of our purpose.

To learn more about the impact of our investments, access our annual reports: