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Usuária da Sanar

Eduarda is a newly graduated nutritionist who has always lived in the suburbs of Salvador. She studied in public schools and attended a private university with a scholarship, being the first one in her family to earn a college degree. Her dream is to join a medical residency and specialize herself. Therefore, she decided to take part in a public tender to get their only vacancy available for a residency. Eduarda studied own her own, with a personalized study schedule, using Sanar’s didactic material to get ready for the exam.
She was the first place at the multiple-choice exam but lost her spot for a young woman who had graduated before Eduarda and had more experience presented in the CV. 
The outstanding performance made Eduarda believe in herself. She is currently working as a nutritionist in a Salvador hospital and getting ready to retake the residency test, using Sanar's material to prepare for it.


"The platform gets us into igniting our creativity, it helps us deal better with both customers and ourselves. All paths are good, but the one that caught my attention was the one about public speaking (track "Everyone can speak well"). I just love it. As a consultant, it has helped me a lot. I'm really shy, but when I realized there were other ways of addressing my audience by means of texts, internet-based pictures, it surely made my job a lot easier. I have made it a habit to paste pictures to texts of mine every time I advertise a product."

Maria Joventina S. C. do Carmo

Natura Cosmetics Consultant 

for 13 anos. Rio Largo, AL


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