Why invest in credit funds to generate impact?

The credit offer to less favored social classes enables their inclusion in the consumer market, democratizing the purchasing power and the access to goods and services, and bringing greater resilience and well-being to these families.

Our Empírica Vox Impacto invests in businesses that are giving or improving access to credit for poorly served individuals and micro and small businesses or promoting environmental initiatives.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses, both poorly served

We offer credit to those who really need it. In addition to being an important instrument for financial inclusion, it also has significant relevance for the economic development of the country.


Our investment thesis

Bringing focus to social and environmental impact, without losing sight of profitability, we entered into a partnership with Empírica Investimentos, an independent asset manager with more than 10 years of credit experience in Brazil. Together, we launched Empirica Vox Impacto, Brazil's first private impact credit fund with the objective of providing access to credit for micro and small companies that generate social and environmental impact, in addition to an attractive financial return.

Credit distribution in Brazil is acutely unbalanced. Today, 54% of it goes to those who earn more than 5 minimum wages (6% of the population, according to the IBGE). “In this scenario, we decided to create credit options to include low-income classes in the market. We look at both ends: the investor, who seeks profitability; and the creditor, who needs money and affordable interest rates, ”says Giuliano Longo, managing partner at Empírica Investimentos.
In addition, credit is an instrument of social inclusion and is important for Brazil's socio-environmental development. At the moment, the fund can be an opportunity for everyone to participate in solving some of our country's challenges.



assets under management






people and around 10 thousand SMEs served

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“In addition to investing in Vox Impact Investing II, we also supported the creation of the Empirica Vox Impacto Fund from the beginning. We believe that it not only diversifies our portfolio, given that it is a credit product, this initiative has also expands the possibilities of access to capital for impact businesses. We hope that our partnership with VOX will only grow!”

Fernanda Camargo and Alexandre Lindenbojm