Conversas de Impacto

Conversas de Impacto (Impact Talks) brings together some of the main players in the impact investment ecosystem for a chat with the aim of circulating knowledge throughout the network.

Today, in order to reach more people and deal with the limitations of the pandemic, the conversations take place on Youtube and are also available on Spotify.



Here we present all the articles and news published in the national and international press that mention VOX, as well as opinion articles and columns published by members of our team.

Part of our purpose is to expand awareness on impact investing. If you are a journalist and want to speak with us, just write to

VOX teamed up with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein to launch a FIP focused on health techs. With the exclusive contribution of the hospital, the resources will be managed by the VOX team in partnership with the Einstein team.

Jéssica Silva Rios, a partner at VOX and a co-leader in the Impact area, was highlighted by being awarded by Top Women Investing in Latin American Tech, which recognizes women who work with venture capital in Latin America.




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